Join the #GivingTuesday Team in Support of the Little Sea Folk Festival!

Little Sea Folk has chosen this #GivingTuesday to begin fundraising for our inaugural summer festival, set for June 2018 in Portland, Maine. We envision a day of music and learning in celebration of the longstanding folk traditions of Maine. We are excited to invite the community to come out and enjoy the day, featuring concerts, workshops, and demonstrations. All in all, we hope this festival will be a fun and rewarding event to look forward to year after year.

The thing about music festivals is, you need musicians. That’s where you come in. We are asking our community members to help us raise funds to support local artists to come out and perform for us. We have set our goal at $15,000 to provide fair wages for performers all day long. All donations are welcome, and we wholly appreciate your support.

In the coming days, look out for some exciting posts on our social media pages above.  We’ll be talking about future events, testimonials, and introductions from the Little Sea Folk team!

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